Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Morning!

Hi everybody!  Just wanted to give an update:  Christianna's volleyball team goes into their last game of the season on Monday (an away game) undefeated!  The tournament will be held Frday, October 28 at Tricity Prep (off Hwy 89A).

The dogs have been doing great here at the old RV camp, however they got cited this past week after a grumpy (according to neighbors) old guy with a pot belly and no shirt pulled into the lot and yelled about everything under the sun while he was hooking up his RV.  Stupidly, I forgot to close the blinds in the RV and Christianna's dog saw him and went crazy!  You know how she LOVES men!  Anyway...she barked all afternoon apparently...I wasn't home to confirm that, but I have no doubts about it!

After profusely apologizing to the big fat grumpy man without a shirt (and his poor wife) I further humbled myself to apologize to the camp owners.  All is well and they won't kick us out.  But in order to keep the dog calm I have to run the fan and put in a video to mask any outside sounds that might mean there are other people that live on the planet.  Hmph.  Oh well...

Yesterday, while walking said dog (who by-the-way was going nuts over a new dog in the neighborhood) I was trying desperately to lead them up the hill into the rocks.  In order to do that one must duck under a tree branch that hangs in the path on the hill.  Well, I miscalculated its position and crashed my head into it puncturing a hole into the top of my head and leaving two other superficial cuts/scrapes as well.  I can't hurt.  Still does.  But I think as we get older our nerves must just be 'hotter' and therefore creates more pain than the wound really deserves.  Either that or my crazy nerves are still just very confused.    Anyway, I called Allison to see if I could stop by her house so she could clean me up.  After all the wound was on top of my head and I could not see it.  All I knew was that head wounds bleed in large quantities, and mine was not an acception.  Here I was, trying to get the two dogs back down the hill, blood literally pouring down my face, wondering just what these people (who were definitely looking at me and my barking dog) were wondering.  I never found out, because none of them came to help me.  Interesting, that.  Anyway, it is no big deal.  Actually it was kind of amuzing because I was just on my way to meet Cindy Jimison to help her buy things for Senior night at that afternoon's game.  So after a quick stop to Alli's I took my blood streaked head to the school to meet her.  I recombed my hair first, of course, but could not get all the blood out.  It just looked like I was trying out some red highlights in my hair...ha, ha!  My saga for the week.

Classes are going well.  Right now I'm just taking German and Hospitality Management 100 (one of those 100 level elective classes I had to take to replace all my art and music credits that didn't transfer...but it is actually helpful for my future plans on conducting historical tours.)  But two 400 level History classes start the first week of November - so the fun will really begin then.  But its almost over!  Yeah!

Christianna got to talk to that Jazz guy on XFACTOR yesterday...but that's her story and I will let her tell you.  Dan is still hot on the trail of any news that will disable the democratic candidates for the next presidential election.  But that is HIS story...

Anna, thank you for contributing to the blog...oh, and Joe too.  Everybody else needs to get on board!

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